Dear Mr. Archer,

Here is a short not just to tell you how happy we are with the work that the people who work for your company did on our condo after the water damage caused by a frozen pipe bursting open.

Led by Jason Vanderford, all the workers did an outstanding job. We liked Jason right from the first time we talked with him (long distance, from our other home in Tallahassee, where we were when the damage occurred in our Traverse City condo). I told him then I thought we would be in good hands throughout the process and we were. He was in constant contact with us throughout the process and always sent us pictures of the progress. He is an honorable man and he made good on everything he said would happen.

Kudos also to the flooring person, and to Vin for all the great work.

Steve Delk of Reaction Restoration also did a great job.

Please feel free to show this letter to any perspective clients or post it on your website. I will call the State Farm rep who handled the claim and recommend to here that she, in turn, recommend your company to State Farm clients in this area.

Again thank you for a job extremely well done.

Best regards.


Here is a short note to tell you how happy we are with the work that the people who work for your company did on our condo after the water damage caused by a

This letter is to recommend Archer Contracting based on the excellent job that they did in constructing and finishing an addition in our basement. Jason and the crew that worked for him did a very detailed job, were timely and pleasant to work with.

The job was completed on time and within budget and went above and beyond regarding standards for quality. I would highly recommend this company and would be happy to share my experience if it is helpful.

Thank you.

Kim C.

Dear Bill,

I want to let you know how pleased I was with your company and the crew who built my new home.  It was sometimes a challenge, being I lived 3 hours away and was not up north all the time, but the communication was excellent.  Frequently I would send pictures of ideas and your team would match my ideas with their knowledge and experience.  Everyone was respectful and knew their trade well. I even had comments from neighbors on how nice the workers were and how well they cleaned up after themselves.  Your subcontractors also did a very fine job and paid attention to every detail.  That is one advantage you have.  You have been in the industry for awhile and you know how to pick the best people to work with.  Many people I met doing this building process have so much respect for your company.  I also was pleased that the house was finished at the estimated time they predicted.  

 I love my dream home and cannot say enough for your crew from Jason and Scott who advised me and communicated so well, to Brook and Don who finished up all the detail work with pantry, fireplace, closet and made this such a beautiful home.  I am so grateful!


Dear Steve & All The Crew

Thank you all so very much for coming to our rescue when our sump pump failed, because of our hour and a half power outage. Your company was highly recommended to us and it certainly was our good fortune! In all the chaos (24 years of stuff stored in our finished basement) nothing was broken, nothing was missing, nothing was destroyed) We think that was nothing short of a miracle! When mom had her stroke in the middle of all the chaos, you were so supportive and understanding. You will never know how much that meant to mom and me. You are all Hero’s in our book! I know you won’t need another recommendation but you surely will always have one from us/

Elizabeth & Emmlee



By now you have the final check for the kitchen water damage. Thank you so much for all you and Archer did to make this as smooth as possible. Everyone that worked on the kitchen was helpful, professional, and the work was outstanding.

Thank you to you who made the process easy and smooth and thank you to everyone that worked with you for making the job work to our satisfaction.

Pete & Karen S.

Dear Mr. Archer,

It was with joy and satisfaction that I returned recently from my Colorodo home to find all the extensive Aug. 2nd storm damage to my cottage on the lake completed. I am so grateful that my Insurance Co. USSA, recommended your outstanding company to make the repairs.

I particularly want to thank project manager Jason who was instrumental in getting most of the repairs completed before my return to Colorado last fall. He could not have done more to see that I was kept informed plus making sure I could continue to stay in the cottage in relative comfort while the repairs were being made.

I was also very impressed with all the workers I came in contact with---the professionalism and courtesy.

Again, my heartfelt thanks to Jason and your fine company for making a devastating experience as positive as possible.

Sincerely, Barbara

Dear Sir,

We first found out about Archer Contracting at the 2016 Traverse City Builder's Show and hired them to tear off, resurface our existing two decks (over 900 sq ft) and install new shutters on our home. We couldn't be happier with this company.

1. Their estimate was fair and competitive.
2. Workers showed up on-time when they were scheduled and were completely professional.
3. They cleaned up as they went and overall the clean up was exceptional.
4. They completed the work on time and on schedule.

Archer Contracting is very professional and a first class company. They do excellent work. We already have them scheduled for our next job. We would strongly recommend them to anyone considering any home improvement.

Thank you, Paul Lewis

Dear Bill,

As 2015 comes to a close, I want to extend our gratitude and appreciation for your outstanding effort and cooperation at the Dougherty "Mission House". A great deal was accomplished this year and a significant part was due to you and your staff.

In particular, I want to express our gratitude to Ben and Robert. These two were a word: outstanding. They were extremely thorough, worked hard and took great pride in their work. The result was excellent and it showed! Additionally, they were cooperative and always ready to assist us in any way possible.

Again, Bill, we are very pleased with you and all of Archer Contracting. And, on behalf of the Peter Dougherty Society Board and all the volunteers, our very best wishes for a Merry Christmas and a wonderful, prosperous New Year.

William Cole, President

We recently had Archer Contracting Company to our house to get our lower level family room repaired after some flooding issues we encountered this past fall. It was a huge project but we felt that with Jason Vanderford's guidance and expertise, along with the other crew/workers from drywalling to painting, to electrical, the project went smooth and caused us no worries. When the repairs were done, we asked Jason about some kitchen remodeling we were thinking of doing, as we were preparing to put our house back on the market very soon. I sent Jason pictures of what we had in mind and he had Brook come out and he drew up a plan quickly, and within a short time, we had our improved kitchen just the way I imagined it. Maybe even better!

Everything looks great again and we sold our house within two weeks of putting it back on the market. We feel it has much to do with the great improvements that Archer completed for us. The whole team of workers were great, courteous, professional. We cannot thank you enough for a job well done!!

Sincerely, Scott and Cindy


Good Morning Bill,

I just wanted to say thank you for the quickness of getting the work done on my house.  Consumer’s finally got to my house Saturday evening about 6:30 to reconnect the wires for power.

Your employee, Billy, was great to work with and I am so thankful to all you and your staff did to get my house back in order.  Please extend my thanks to Billy.

On another note – I would like to get a quote from you to take a look at my windows.   I noticed that the frame on several of them have sagged and you can actually see through!   So – would love to get a quote to fix.  

Let me know when would be a good time for you.

Again – thanks so much for everything!


Farm Bureau Insurance:
Dear David,

I just wanted to express how grateful I am to the efficiency and quality of work you and the recommended contractors did during my recent home owners insurance claim. Let me begin with how prompt you were to access the damage and get me going on the process of how to get my home back in order. I felt that you took a genuine concern up and beyond your professional duty to see that I had the best contractors for the work that needed to be done. Steve with Flood Professionals, Scott with Archer Contracting, Mike with D&W Mechanical and Neil and Josh with Heritage Wood Floors. Were the contractors that I elected to use based on your prior experience with them. I can't express enough how great of job each of them did. All of the contractors were professional, prompt, courteous and always keep in contact with me as to the next task at hand. Each and every one of the contractors at some point went up and beyond what the job called for. I can honestly say that my house was not just repaired to its original state prior to the damage but was improved just by the quality of work that each of the contractors did.

Respectfully Natalie

Dear Bill, Scott, and Everyone Else, Happy New Year

Just a quick note to let you know how happy we are with the beautiful house you built for us. Also, not only are we pleased with your excellent craftsmanship, but we are so grateful for your kindness during what was a really tough time for us. You really made the process easier for us, and we actually have many fond memories of those times. I hope you are all well, and we wish you the best in the New Year.

Jeremy and Nancy

Archer Contracting,

Everything looks great. For the first time since we purchased this home in 2000. Everything was done correctly. Everything that we picked out was correct. It's such a relief when we live so far away to know that the project is being supervised so well. Thank you. Also, could you send us our house key? If we do any more remodeling we will certainly call you.

Thanks again,
Linda and Louie


Really want to thank you for your help with our house and the insurance stuff. You have been a real joy to work with. See you in the spring.


Archer Contracting,

We are sorry to be so tardy in returning this evaluation. However, that doesn't lessen our satisfaction will all aspects of the work done in our home.

Blaine and Nancy
P.S. We have recommended you to two other home owners.

Dear Mr. Archer,

It is with great pleasure that I send you this check for the work done at our house. I do not often find myself saying this, but in this case it is warranted. Both Denny and I were shocked that the cost was not higher. The quality of the work done was superb! Your workers were prompt, hard working, and meticulous in the quality of their work. If we do any work around the house in the future and need a contractor, you will be the first one that we call and the first place that we will recommend to our friends and family. Thanks you very much for the quality of work done.


Lance was wonderful to work with!

He is down to earth and professional. Shawn and Brook were also very professional. They did an awesome job. They are customer oriented and a pleasure to work with. (They met the picky house wife's request on little odd stuff like cabinet doors that I wanted turned around. I think they deserve a raise for putting up with me.) The whole Archer team that I encountered in the time of my disaster made the situation a little better.

To Everyone at Archer,

Thank you so much for the wonderful work you did on our home. Words cannot express the gratitude I feel for everyone who worked so hard to finish early! Given the circumstance there was no better gift. Special thanks to Joe, Bill, Brand, subs and anyone else who had a part.

Corbin, Leslie, Reigan, Luc, and Hayden

Dear Bill,

I would like to "Thank You" for the wonderful job you did putting Jim and my home back together. You made a horrible nightmare bearable. Jim and I enjoyed the many people who worked on our house. They all were very helpful and made us feel that we were in good hands. May you have a wonderful spring and summer. I know that we will probably talk because there are a few final items to do in the spring.


Dear Scott,

Thanks so much for redoing our bathrooms. They turned out great. We appreciate your professionalism, and we were always comfortable with your workers at the house.

Thanks again

Dear Bill and Archer Contracting,

Thank you each and everyone of you for the fantastic job you did on our home addition. With the hustle and bustle of Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Years behind us we want YOU to know we have not forgotten how important you were in creating the addition to our home. Getting to know each of you on a personal level was like having our kids there every day. Each of you has a unique craft and you took our ideas and suggestions and fulfilled our dream. May you always do your best and take pride in the work you do. Thank you Dorothy and Amy for taking my calls and passing on information the the right people. I loved that each call was "Good Morning Archer Contracting" even when I called at 2:30 p.m. Thank you Scott for following thru on any idea I put forth. You even had some that I thought were a good addition to the project. Thank you Bill for helping me fulfill a dream. Thank you for working with me when I only had so much in my budget and trying to find creative ways to cut costs. Thank you also for the bird feeder, I know the birds in our neighborhood with enjoy it as we watch them eat. As the project has come to a close and I become acquainted with each new drawer and cabinet, I will always remember you and the work you did for us and for this we ant to say a big thank you! It was very much appreciated.

Jim and Kay

Dear Bill,

I would like to personally thank you and your staff for restoring our home after severe water damage last February. I still vividly remember that call from my neighbor indicating that Tom and I had a big problem. The burnace in our home malfunctioned causing freezing heating lines to break throughout our home. Our neighbor told me I had several feet of water in my basement. At that time, I had no idea who to call for help. I was four hours away and was not aware of the true damage inside the home. I appreciate your contact ot us and asked if you could help. It was a sign that you cared and was concerned. Bill you helped turn a tragedy for us into a situation that we could handle. You assured us that you would make our house saturated with water into a home again. I truly appreciate all the weekend appointments you made with us and the contacts you provided for us in selecting new kitchen cabinets to selecting new flooring. I particularly would like to thank your experienced and professional crew for their fine craftsmanship. I was very impressed with Scott and Shaun's professionalism and attention to detail. They worked with me closely to make sure the home was being restored to my satisfaction. Again, thank you Bill and Archer Contracting Staff for all your efforts and hard work in restoring our home.

Tom and Ann Marie

  • Scott,

      Just a little Thank You for your attention to our many needs after the car hit our house on April 17, 2009. All our family thinks the basement, front flower stone box, and the white fences are a great asset to our house.  Again thank you for your prompt attention to our many needs.

    Larry & Phyllis

  • Bill,

    This is to inform you of how impressed I was with not only the quality of work regarding the broken pipe, drywalling, and painting, but especially the professionalism and customer care of your workers. Thank you.



  • Bill,

    I am very impressed with the work you did for me and also the fellows who did the actual labor. I would recommend them to anyone.

    Thank you, Joan

  • Hi Bill,

    Your team you sent here did an awesome job on our wrecked pole barn. They worked fast and efficiently and took good care of all our stuff. Today was a miserable day to be working outside.

    I am thrilled at how my Lund appears to have escaped major damage. One little bump in the hull that we'll get checked out. I will be taking it to the Lund dealer in town for a complete lookover in the spring "IF" it ever comes.

    Thanks to Archer Contracting for an excellent job for us once more.

    Rod and Lynn

  • Scott,

    Was just sitting here and realized that I don't think that I ever thankedyou for building me such a beautiful house. This is probably the first time,since I moved back in, that I've been able to spend more than a few wakinghours in my house, without all the commotion of unpacking and doing stuff. Being sick for 3 days helped that! I got to fully appreciate everything about my new house, and all the extra features that you made happen. Just wanted to say thanks!!


Jan. 2015

Bill Archer and ACC have completed several building projects on our house and barn for us. These included: a master bathroom update featuring some wonderful tile work, a kitchen remodel with granite countertops (four) and all new appliances. Also a new roof when it became time for that project as well. All of these major renovation projects were completed as scheduled, on time and on budget. All of the ACC workers were, without exception, very skilled at their specialties, acted professionally always and were very pleasant to have in our home and on our property. ACC has some wonderful guys/gals working for them. That is not always the case with other contractors who have worked for us previously.

The biggest challenge we, as homeowners, have ever faced happened on Super Bowl Sunday during the horrible winter of 2014. Sometime during the night, with absolutely no warning, our 30 X 40 pole barn suffered catastrophic building collapse. Tons and tons of snow, steel roof, trusses, etc. fell down on all of the barn contents - tractors, trailers, boats, farm and lawn equipment, etc., etc. It looked like the worst horror movie anyone had ever seen. The first call was to our insurance company and the second was to Bill and ACC. Once the insurance coverage was secured, Bill and his various teams took over. The totally destroyed building had to be demolished (a very dangerous job) and the contents had to be triaged and those contents which could be salvaged, stored somewhere else. ACC handled all that. Then the outside part of the concrete floor needed to be torn up and carried away so the bigger and stronger poles could be installed for building the new barn. Bill sent Shawn with a giant JD backhoe. He maneuvered that backhoe like a scalpel saving the part of the floor in the center. Then stronger more robust, engineered drawn plans for a new barn were commissioned. Bill then found a first rate barn builder (Kevin K) who built us a wonderful new pole barn on the same footprint. ACC did a masterful job working through the various insurance, construction details, multiple subcontractors, and building inspection questions which arose almost daily it seemed.


Bill Archer was a very calm and reassuring voice during all of this very chaotic demolition/rebuilding process on our new barn, He was truly a blessing in our lives all throughout last winter. These experiences, and other, are why we can wholeheartedly recommend Bill and ACC to our friends and neighbors for any and all building projects that you may have. Archer Contracting Company richly deserves a "Five Star" rating in our book.

Rob & Lynn
Traverse City

Dear Bill,

Now that our contracted work is completed, on behalf of the Board of Directors of the Peter Dougherty Society and the volunteers, we wish to sincerely thank you, your employees and those sub-contractors you employed for a challenging job well done! The restoration work - beginning with lifting the 178 year old historic Mission House and adding a foundation - to such things as completely restoring and replacing the interior plaster or cleverly adding insulation, heating and plumbing to a structure originally built without any - all this was superbly executed by your team while keeping strict adherence to any historic restoration guidelines. When we consider the cope of that work, which spanned almost three years and involved countless surprises and challenges - the fact that most everything was resolved without a confilct is a testimony to your work and your workers' ethics and capabilities. Working with you and your team has indeed been a pleasure in all aspects of the relationship.

We would be pleased to provide a letter of recommendation to anyone interested in undertaking a similar historic restoration project. We would also be pleased to meet with them and share our experience in support of your activities.

Thank you, Bill, it's been a pleasure working with you, and I know personally that our team of volunteers feels exactly the same as I do.

Yours Truly,

Bill Cole, President
For Peter Dougherty Society Board of Directiors and Volunteers













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