Dear Bill,
It is that time of the year that one frequently looks in the rearview mirror to assess the past year. The Peter Dougherty Society and the volunteers are clearly no exception. In thinking about 2016 and all that has been accomplished at the Dougherty House, we have concluded that we accomplished much and moved significantly closer to our goal of creating a significant historical center and museum.

Clearly, a major player in the accomplishments has been Archer Contracting. We cannot elegantly express how much we have valued working with you. You exhibit a real appreciation for historical restoration and your willingness to work with us has been exemplary. Additionaly, this commitment to our restoration has been very obvious with your employees. Ben, Robert, Shawn, Shen, (and any I forgot) are not only dedicated workers but have consistently shown a desire for perfection in their work at the Dougherty House. We very much value their attention to detail.

So, in looking back, Bill, Archer Contracting has played a significant role and we are most grateful. We could not have accomplished as much without the tremendous commitment for you and your staff.

Looking forwad to the summer of 2017.

Warmest Regards, Bill Cole, for
Peter Dougherty Society and volunteers.

Dougherty House:


Dear Bill,

Now that our contracted work is completed, on behalf of the Board of Directors of the Peter Dougherty Society and the volunteeers, we wish to sincerely thank you, your employees and those sub-contractors you employed for a challenging job well done! The restoration work - beginning with lifting the 178 year old historic Mission House and adding a foundation- to such things as completely restoring and replacing the interior plaster or cleverly adding insulation, heating and plumbing to a structure originally built without any - all this was superbly executed by your team while keeping strict adherence to any historic restoration guidelines. When we consider the scope of that work, which spanned almost three years and involved countless surprises and challenges - that fact that most everything was resolved without a confilct is a testimony to your work and your workers' ethics and capabiilities. Working with your and your team has indeed been a pleasure in all aspects of the relationship.

We would be pleased to provide a letter of recommendation to anyone interested in undertaking a similar historic restoration project. We would also be pleased to meet with them and share our experiences in support of your activities.

Thank you, Bill, it's been a pleasure working with your, and I know personally that our team of volunteers feels exaxtly the same as I do.

Yours Truely,
Bill Cole, President
For Peter Dougherty Society Board of Directors and volunteers